How To Hire DevOps Engineer Through Staff Augmentation Services

DevOps (Development & Operations) has become an integral requirement for tech companies to speed up their software development process. DevOps is a modern-day amalgamation of development and operations. A professional DevOps engineer is responsible for making seamless collaboration & integration between development & IT operations teams. The purpose is to enhance the overall development sphere along with reducing cost and enabling automation.

If you require staffing professionals like that, then read this post to know more about DevOps engineers. Also, get to know the best way to hire DevOps engineering from a staff augmentation company without investing much.

Let’s get started on the same.

What is meant by DevOps?

DevOps is a concept of amalgamating software development, services, and IT operations altogether. It is a blend of operations and development allowing companies to have a clear view of the project,e enable automation, enhancing coordination, reducing mistakes, and speeding up the development process.

With DevOps services and solutions, you can adopt a mechanism to bridge the peculiar distance between the operations and development teams. This particular mechanism helps improve the overall productivity of the tech team, automating the process, enriching the infrastructure, and further speeding up the deployment.

Who is a DevOps engineer?

Now that you get a basic understanding of what is DevOps and how it helps you during software development and other operational processes. To meet the such purpose, you will be needing a professional and experienced DevOps engineer. You can either hire a full-time expert or involve the engineer through an IT contract staffing model to save cost and work for a limited period.

No matter what the requirement is, you can hire a professional DevOps engineer for taking care of the below-mentioned tasks.

  • Networking project management
  • Monitoring the project
  • Version control 
  • Ensuring continuous integration
  • Automating the process
  • Observability technologies 

Key benefits of hiring a DevOps professional 

DevOps engineers are multi-skilled experts who have the prowess to speed up the project and ensure high-quality software development. By adding a professional DevOps expert between your development & IT operations team, you can have the following few advantages.

  • Ensure seamless collaboration among respective teams.
  • High-quality software & mobile app development.
  • Smooth user experience on software & apps.
  • Enhance the overall operational efficiency.
  • Reduce the total cost of development.
  • Faster resolution of distinctive issues.
  • Make the best use of available resources.

Hire DevOps through IT Outsourcing 

At this point, you must have got the idea of hiring a DevOps engineer for the success of your software or mobile app project. The next thing to consider is hiring the expert through staff augmentation services within budget.

Staff augmentations mean contract-based IT staff hiring for a particular project and engaging a professional for a respective time duration. For several enterprises, it is a cost-effective way to engage DevOps or any other technical professional on a contract basis who can dedicatedly work on your project and act as per your requirement. Moreover, the augmented DevOps engineer will be under your control during the development process. Apart from the same, here are additional benefits of augmenting a particular technical member.

  • Find the right & required DevOps engineer as per your preferred location to work in the office or remotely.
  • Have more control over the development and operations process by having the technical expert making coordination among teams.
  • Hire a professional having niche skills as per your requirement to ensure work efficiency and high quality.
  • Engage a professional DevOps expert even for a short-term period as per your project requirement.
  • Scale up and down the team size hired via a staff augmentation company to match software development requirements with ease.


Hiring a DevOps engineer is a beneficial approach for companies to strike a seamless balance between development and IT operations. You can rely on expert DevOps professionals to collaborate with your existing teams and create a seamless flow along with managing your IT infrastructure as well. Such experts can help you speed up the overall development and reduce the cost to an optimum extent. Moreover, hire a DevOps engineer through the IT outsourcing services from OrangeMantra.


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